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We produce and package 100% natural tropical fruit premium pulps

Lolita dresses in yellow passion to be enjoyed by the most exquisite palate on all occasions, with its peculiar acidic, exotic and fruity flavor you will enjoy a refreshing experience.
The King has arrived! You can feel the aroma of it without peeling it, inside so juicy, known among its category as the most "delicious", when you go to taste it keep in mind that you will hardly be able to stop.
Exquisite tropical fruit with a curious appearance, on the outside green and full of thorns; but under this strange appearance there is a real bomb of vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants.
We invite you to know this beautiful tropical fruit that when the sun touches it, its skin turns pink, its flavor is sweetly flavored and it stands out for giving off a penetrating smell that is very pleasant to the nose.
At a sticky rhythm she dances without hesitation, she wears a cinnamon-colored outfit, but inside a pulp that you will love, and for the hottest days, when combined with water and ice, its refreshing flavor makes you fly.
She is always walking flushed, filling the spaces with her sweet aroma and creamy texture, she loves to live on the coasts, as warm as possible. possible. Without hesitation you can present it in smoothies and ice creams to be tasted by your palate.


We have a wide variety of high quality fruits and vegetables, a fresh product directly from our land

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avocado and banana



Dishes enchanted with fruitganic products that are faithful friends in your healthy life, come and see our delicious recipes.

Avocado Salad

It is sides like this Avocado Salad recipe that we crave over and over again.

Fruit with Poppy Seed

Cool, colorful and easy to prepare, this refreshing, good-for-you fruit salad is a springtime favorite

Tomato Salad

A super simple salad that packs in an abundance of fresh satisfying flavor.

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Committed to Sourcing Responsibly, natural resources are essential to an abundant future, and we are fully committed to ending deforestation, and to preserving biodiversity and water resources in our supply chains


Find out about all the news of world agricultural production, also the nutritional properties of each fruit and how they contribute to human development

Application to expand exportable supply of agricultural

Young entrepreneurs and innovative products

FruitGanic participates in the "Dominican Taste Festival 2021" in New York.

Ministry of Agriculture works to protect the agricultural sector against natural phenomena

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Because the main ingredient of our crops is love, our delicious Tomas Ricows dressed in red in their natural presentation, will fill your palate with a peculiar flavor.

Tomatoes barcelo

Tommies have an apparent smooth skin and bright red color but cover a fleshy pulp, a bit acidic but can be enjoyed every day of the week, just with a little oil, salt and pepper.

Habanero pepper

Candelichi seduces you and makes you fall in love with its hotness, leading you to an emotional risk experience, being the cause of that inexplicable taste for spicy, it becomes an element that elevates your creativity and even desserts you will be able to season.

Don Armando

Bell pepper

Cultivated with love, the bell pepper will leave on your table a mixture of flavor, ideal to accompany your recipes and favorite dishes, because of its variety of colors you can decorate your dishes.

Thai chili pepper

We all give it a characteristic value for its fruity and spicy flavor, walking through each dish or appetizer you will be able to recognize it as an excellent flavor enhancer.

Salad tomato

Tomas Frank is presented firm, refined and rounded, ready to be tasted in different recipes that you can create, decorating the table with its color and its particular aroma.


An authentic treasure that hides numerous nutritional and medicinal properties between its layers, it is an essential of our gastronomy, it makes you cry with joy because of its peculiar flavor you will be able to enjoy.


It nourishes, refreshes and helps to look more beautiful or attractive. It is, without a doubt, a special vegetable, the freshness it provides due to its high water content makes it a great ally to keep us hydrated.


He arrives at your table dressed in tropical green, ready to enjoy. You must be careful when cutting because his heart is inside and you can hurt him; You will feel joy when you can taste it.

Cacucha pepper

It is characterized by the celebration of bright colors that it contributes to the most anticipated recipes, it fills the table with exotic flavors, that itch that it leaves on your palate that you cannot forget.

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At a sticky rhythm she dances without hesitation, she wears a cinnamon colored outfit, but inside a pulp that you will love, and for the hottest days, when combined with water and ice, its refreshing flavor makes you fly.

Frozen pulp

No preservatives

No Added sugar

No preservatives

Frozen pulp

No Added sugar

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